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TLT to Publish New Monthly Column on Off-Road.Com


Published by Trails Less Traveled on August 31, 2005

UPDATED: April 13, 2017

The Chop Shop is a new series of articles all about the tools related to fabrication. Expect detailed product comparisons and reviews, interviews with professional fabricators and discussions about fabrication techniques, as well as tips about how to work around limited resources. We want to help enthusiasts achieve professional results at home Best Camping Tents.

Everyone knows that good tools are expensive, but where’s the best value? We’re going comparison shopping and to let you know which products have the features that are worth spending the money. Be certain that we’ll review some high-end tools to drool over, but we’ll also write about some less expensive tools that you might wonder how you ever got by without.
Having the opportunity to work with some talented fabricators over the years has been an experience that we’d like to share with other enthusiasts. We’re working with some of the top names in the industry to develop articles on topics like tube notching, cutting and welding processes and advise on how to build jigs and fixtures.

Check out The Chop Shop, coming soon to Off-Road.Com.