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Maxxis Sponsors MDR Off-Road Desert Racing Series


Published by Trails Less Traveled on April 7, 2005

UPDATED: April 13, 2017

In its first involvement in off-road desert truck racing, Maxxis has announced sponsorship of the MDR series in Best Trampoline Review California. The Mojave Desert Racing Championship Series consists of two circuits, the California and the Superstition, and will run throughout 2005.  MDR expects the series, currently the largest and most popular in California, to attract additional enthusiasts to the off-road scene in 2005. Schedules for both series are below.

Maxxis is also offering contingency programs for all races in both series: $1500 for first place, $500 and four Bighorn tires for second place, and four Bighorn tires for third.
“Maxxis’ Bighorns are made for the rugged terrain drivers encounter in a desert.  And an exciting sport like off-road desert racing seemed like a natural fit for us. We’re delighted to support these series, which are known as great family events, and look forward to the mutual growth of our company and the MDR events,” said Doug Addis, Automotive Territory Sales Manager for Maxxis.  
The company is also sponsoring the Championship Motorsports racing team, which will compete throughout the season. For more information on these series, please visit .

MDR Racing Championship Series
Wild Wash 250 – April 2
Ridgecrest 250 – May 14
MDR 400 - June 25
California 200 – August 13
Mojave 200 – September 24
Stoddard 250    – November 12

Superstition Series
The King 250    – April 23
Coyote Wash 200 - June 11
Superstition 250  - October 29
Bud Light Dash – December 31

Check out this thread on the race-deZert forum to read what racers and enthusiasts have to say about the Maxxis MDR sponsorship.